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This wiki is a collborative project for INFO 521 Information Users and Services at Drexel University. This site will provide a general overview of Pixar, including a brief history on the company and a more detailed look at Pixar movies.

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Pixar Animation Studios is well-known for their creative computer-animated films. This award winning studio produces films that appeal to all ages with touching storylines and fun, loveable characters.


Pixar began its existence in 1979. Learn more on the History page.


The company has released 12 full-length feature films, with a 13th coming this summer, and many humorous short film productions.

Toy Story

A Bug's Life
Toy Story 2 Monsters, Inc.
Finding Nemo Wall-E
Cars Ratatouille

The Incredibles


Toy Story 3

Cars 2
Brave Short Films


Pixar has been nominated for over 100 awards and has won dozens. Learn more on the Awards page.


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